Our Beers

Dormouse 3.8%

Brewed in conjunction with Surrey Wildlife Trust to help protect the habitat of the Hazelnut Dormice which live in the woods behind the brewery.

This is our smooth easy drinking Traditional English Ale which is chestnut in colour and light on the pallet. The sweetness comes from biscuit and caramel malts balanced with a selection of English Hops.

Surrey Sour 4.2%

Our first Kettle Soured Ale which we’ve given a serious Citra Hop overload.

Whakahari 4.6%

An exotic New Zealand single hopped Pale Ale. Nelson Sauvin hop is used in all three hopping processes in this straw coloured refreshing ale.

Summit IPA – ABV 6.0

A 6% Seasonal special packed with numerous hops including Galaxy

The Source – ABV 3.3

Spa Valley Beer Festival 2013 – Winner of Best Overall Ale at Festival
Wallington Beer Festival 2013 – Winner of Best Overall Ale at Festival

An extremely refreshing light golden ale that tastes well above its ABV thanks to being dry hopped with plenty of Citra hops. The perfect light ale to quench your thirst. Despite only being 3.3%, it tastes well above its weight and has been labelled “The Drivers Ale”. The second generation of this beer has been dry hopped with even more Citra.

Hop Troll – ABV 4.8

Woking Beer Festival 2013 – Winner of Best Golden Ale of Festival

A full on 7 Hop IPA style monster with a citrusy rich sweetness followed by a powerful Hoppy bitterness – all perfectly balanced and extremely drinkable. Epic! This is our first permanent IPA packed with 7 American Hops. Developed from our experimental beers previously known as – Evolution #2 & #3.

Falls Gold – ABV 4.2

CAMRA London & South East – Champion Golden Ale 2013-14
Woking Beer Festival 2012 – Winner of Best Overall Ale at Festival
Woking Beer Festival 2012 – Winner of Best Golden Ale of Festival

A superb golden ale with a soft fruity nose. A bitter apricot front is followed by more soft fruits and a charming light hoppiness. This was our first regular beer from the Tillingbourne stable and remains our best seller. It was brewed to be light, golden, slightly hopped session ale, with a taste appealing to everyone. It is very easily drunk and complements most meals as its clean taste does not overpower flavours of most dishes.

Bouncing Bomb – ABV 3.8

A light drinking traditional Ale with subtle malty tones throughout. This is our version of a dry hopped Traditional English Ale using only the Best British ingredients. Brewed in honour of Sir Barnes Wallis and the brave airmen known as “The Dambusters”

Black Troll – ABV 3.7

Woking Beer Festival 2012 – Winner of the Bitter category

A unique Black Ale deceptively light and packed full of hops. Its rich heavily roasted initial nose and taste leads to a complex Smokey and multiple hop finish. Brewed with a Bavarian Smoked grain, this Ale really stands out. It’s considered to be the perfect session ale for Mild and Porter lovers as at 3.7%, many can be had.

A.O.N.B – ABV 4.0

Farnham Beer Festival 2013 – Winner of Best Overall Ale at Festival
Guildford Beer Festival 2012 – Winner of Best Overall Ale at Festival

A gorgeous floral and fruity ale which is brewed and dry hopped using copious amounts of cascade hops. The strong hop taste stays with you to the bottom of the glass. This is a dry hopped version of Falls Gold which has been fermented over a longer period of time and at a lower temperature to reduce the ABV slightly whilst retaining body. It has a strong Cascade hop nose and taste.